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    Do you enjoy reading romantic love stories, true love stories? How about stories that attest to the faithfulness of God?  Well if you do, this is one story I know you’re going to appreciate. This is the story of how I met my husband Michael.  It’s nothing short of a miracle. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. Get comfortable and read along as we share our private miracle. Let it be a reminder to you that God really does hear and answer prayer!       Romantic Love Stories: Wanda’s Side  A Bitter and Broken Vessel      The year was 1999, and I was a divorcee with two young boys ages eight and eleven. We were living in Baltimore, Maryland during this time.   Because of the mental anguish suffered in my first marriage, I vowed NEVER to marry again. After my divorce in 1996, I was extremely broken and bitter. My self esteem was at an all time low, and at one point depression left me 90lbs frail. But thank God for praying parents and loving family members. Slowly God began to restore my joy and self esteem. After a few years of healing, I had a desire to remarry. So I began praying earnestly for God to send me a marriage partner, a Godly man. For those of you who can’t read BTL (between the lines), “earnestly” means I was begging God day and night . Well, one day when I was in prayer I asked God if I would be married and He gave me a scripture that confirmed that yes I would remarry. The scripture was Isaiah 62:2-5. When you have time, please read it. A few months later, He woke me in the middle of the night and spoke the month of November to me. At first, I had no idea what November had to do with anything. That same night, He also gave me a vision which warned me about a young man I was involved with at that time. You know God really is a loving Father who only wants the best for us. Anyway, months went by, and November came and left. But there was no hint of a romantic story manifesting in my life. Then all of a sudden I began to feel an urgent tugging in my spirit. I felt in my spirit that I needed to move but I had no clue where I was suppose to move. At first I thought I needed to relocate from the city to the county, so I began looking at houses in the county. But the Holy Spirit, said “no, that’s not it.” After more prayer and feeling confused, I began entertaining the thought of moving to Georgia to join my parents and siblings. By the way, I had previously told my family that I would NEVER move to Georgia. I just could not understand for the life of me why they loved the place so much! I was a true city girl and Georgia was just a little too country for my liking. But oddly enough, this time when I began thinking about moving to Georgia I was filled with excitement. I knew and felt that my steps were being ordered by God. I knew in my spirit that there was something or someone waiting for me in Georgia. So, after much drama with my ex-husband who did not want me to leave the state with our children… I stepped out on faith and moved to Georgia in November of 2000. By the way, I...

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