Christian Marriage Separation: Is it Ever Okay?

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christian marriage separation


Christian Marriage Separation


Regarding Christian marriage separation, please understand this, the breaking of a marital covenant is never pleasing to God…


Since they are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, for God has joined them together.” Matthew 19:6


But sometimes separation may be necessary in order to protect your mental and physical health. We believe the following circumstances are cause for separation:


#1 Christian Marriage Separation is Okay if…

There’s Spousal Abuse or Child Abuse:

If you are a victim of domestic violence you should take immediate action to protect yourself. If that means moving out temporarily, then do so.

christian marriage separation
You see, abuse of any kind can have long lasting and serious consequences.  For instance, victims of abuse commonly have anxiety disorders, nervous break downs, severe depression, and even multiple personality disorder.

You also have a higher risk of being killed by your spouse or committing suicide. Beloved, this is not God’s will for your life.


The Word of the Lord says:


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)


But sometimes we let our need to be the rescuer overshadow our good judgement. We think we can make things better by merely trying harder. But the truth is, you will be more instrumental in helping your mate if you are mentally and physically healthy. So first rescue yourself.

Are we suggesting you get a divorce? No. God is bigger than abuse — He has transformed other abusive marriages, so surely He can do the same for you!

But until He does, we recommend you remove yourself from the environment and let God do what only He can do.
Although abuse against women is most commonly reported, it is not uncommon for wives to abuse their husbands. However, most men don’t report the abuse because of embarrassment.

But whether you are an abused husband or an abused wife, you must gain the courage to separate yourself from the situation until your spouse gets the help s/he needs.

If a child is being abused in your home, you have a responsibility to remove them from the situation and report the abuse to the authorities. Failing to report child abuse makes you an accomplice.

The hotline for domestic violence in the United States is 1-800-799-7233.


#2 Christian Marriage Separation is Okay if…

There’s Unrepentant Adultery:

To repent means to completely turn from sin. In other words, you change your mind, your heart, and your behavior. An unrepentant adulterer is a spouse who continues to have affair after affair despite the damage it causes to their family.

Living with an unrepentant adulterer is emotionally damaging. But at the same time, it also poses great physical risks. Some of which can be life threatening.

Each time you have sex with your spouse while they continue having sexual relations with others, you place yourself at risk for contracting HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases. For this reason, we recommend separation.

Yes, the Bible does make provision for divorce in cases of infidelity. (Matthew 19:9) But that does not mean divorce has to be your first option.

You should make all efforts to save your marriage before resorting to divorce. First, try separating. While separated, make counseling a requirement for reconciliation.
Divorce is not a decision you should make lightly.


marriage separation


#3 Christian Marriage Separation is Okay if…
There’s Other Illegal Activity in the Home:

christian marriage separation

For instance, if your spouse is selling, or manufacturing drugs from home, your life is in danger daily. First of all, because you live there, you risk being arrested and thrown into jail.

Secondly, because drugs are present in the home, the potential is present for violent home invasions and even murder.  This may sound like an episode from Law and Order, but drug related murders and home invasions happen all the time!

If this is happening in your home, you have a responsibility to report it to authorities. It is also in your best interest to find temporary shelter, and then remove yourself and any children from the home.




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