Our Love for Christian Marriage

Why We Do What We Do!

At one time, we were in desperate need of Christian marriage counseling. We had many unanswered questions but no one we could turn to for answers. That is, no one who was genuinely happy in their marriage and also able to offer us sound godly counsel…

Oh, there were plenty of couples who LOOKED happy but behind closed doors, they were miserable. Sadly, there was not one married couple amongst our immediate circle of friends or family who wasn’t also struggling to keep their Christian marriage afloat.  Honestly, if God had given us a glimpse of the challenges we were going to face, we would have ran in the opposite direction!


christian marriageBut we didn’t run.  We walked down the isle–on top of rose petals–praising God for bringing us together!  We had no idea that trouble was lurking around the corner.

Like most couples, perhaps even you, we thought we knew exactly what we were getting into. Especially me–the older of the two–having been married once before; I thought I was a marriage expert.  Boy were we both wrong!

While our Christian wedding was beautiful, the months and years ahead were anything but beautiful.

We contemplated separation and divorce on a regular basis.  It was obvious–the fairytale was over. Michael was no longer on his knee, and we could barely stand to look at each other.

We talked about getting Christian marriage counseling, but we couldn’t afford a traditional counselor, and we just couldn’t imagine meeting with our pastor.


As a result, we spent much of our early years disagreeing and regretting our decision to get married.  We dealt with one marriage problem after another.  We dealt with bitterness, infidelity, disrespect, distrust, and oh yeah–let’s not forget our blended family issues.  Michael and our boys had a very difficult time bonding.

What was our problem?  Frankly, immaturity was a big part of it.  But just as damaging was the fact that neither of us REALLY understood what Christian marriage was all about.

christian marriage counseling We both knew that God was supposed to be a part of our marriage but we didn’t fully understand what that meant.

We thought that our belief in God and our commitment to the church was enough but it wasn’t.  We also thought that marriage was 50/50.  Guess what?  It’s not!

Ignorance about marriage is the reason why many marriages fail.  And our marriage was failing. Like you, we wanted a godly marriage but we weren’t exactly sure how to achieve it.  So, we took our questions to the creator of marriage, God.

When we began to seek Him about what a godly marriage should look like, He gave us new insight and a new understanding of Christian marriage.

That’s why we can confidently say that if you want to improve or save your Christian marriage, you’ll have to go to the source.  Sure, you could look to the world for help, but you won’t find the answers you need.  You see, the world has many ideas about marriage, but many of those ideas don’t agree with the heart of God.

God’s desire is that you know HIS heart regarding Christian marriage.  He doesn’t want you to imitate the world, television, or even what your parents did.  He wants you to imitate Him!

Michael and I have been married for fourteen years now and we couldn’t be happier!

Our promise to you is to be completely transparent about our own marriage problems and to provide you with godly advice and products to transform yours.


“Thank you for your response to my letter, Christian Marriage Today.
You have no idea how much that meant to me and how much I needed
that.  Isn’t God AWESOME! You and your husband are wonderful.
May God bless you ten fold…”  Mrs. Smith – South Carolina


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