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Hi There! We are Michael and Wanda Collins, a.k.a “Team Collins.”  We live in the Peach state, Georgia. Michael is a Georgia native, a true Southerner–He’s low keyed, wears bow-ties, opens my car door, and loves southern cooking!  Me? I was born in the Crab state, Maryland, a city girl at heart–I’m loud, have a northern accent, and I love seafood!


As far as Christian marriages go, we consider ourselves to be complete opposites but deeply in love with God and with each other…


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Shhh…be wery wery quiet…I am sneaking up on my honey as he enjoys the peace and quiet. Uh oh…I’ve been caught. I think he’s going to feed me to the ducks! Somebody H-E-L-P!


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We are the creators of Christian Marriage Today, and the
founders of Nehemiah Family Ministries. We have had a passion for marriages for as long as we’ve been married; sixteen years to be precise.


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Our passion to help married couples stems from our own unanswered marriage questions and each of our own personal experiences with divorce. My first marriage ended painfully in divorce more than fifteen years ago and left me emotionally scarred for many years. The agony my children and I went through was an experience I pray no other married couple has to endure.


christian couples


Michael’s experience with divorce came when he was in college. His parents announced they would be divorcing after more than twenty years of marriage. This devastating news broke his heart and gave him a deep desire to help other Christian marriages.


christian marriage


Before we were married, the Holy Spirit impressed upon our hearts that our marriage would be a ministry to other married couples. But it took us years to fully understand what that truly meant because we didn’t really understand what Christian marriage was all about.

We built this website so that you would have access to the marriage resources and encouragement you need as you endeavor to have a marriage that pleases God.

We pray daily for you and for all others who visit our website. We pray you read something that moves you closer to God’s purpose for your marriage.



Hmmm…Now what else can we tell you about ourselves?  My favorite dessert is cookies and Michael’s favorite sweet treat is peach cobbler and powdered donuts.  Two of our favorite movies are “Fireproof'” and “Courageous.”  If you haven’t seen them, we highly recommend you do; they’ll change your marriage!


We are both ministers of the Gospel. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Religion as well as his MBA.  I (Wanda) hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Sciences and Communication Disorders as well as  a Master of Arts degree in Human Services, with a concentration in Marriage and Family.  I am also a licensed Realtor in the state of Georgia.


“Michael and Wanda Collins are an inspiration to couples. Their utter devotion to each other is obvious as their love for the Lord. They do not only teach what they have been taught, they teach what they live. They possess true servants’ hearts and a candor that is truly refreshing and much needed in such a vital area of ministry.Every encounter with them is nothing short of a blessing. We are privileged to love them as friends, respect them as examples, and appreciate them as co-laborers in the Lord’s vineyard.” –Minister Darrell and Charlotte Whitehead


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