Our Marriage Trouble

Michael and Wanda’s Marriage Trouble

What was our biggest source of marriage trouble? Not understanding or appreciating our differences.  In retrospect, this was the beginning of our Christian marriage problems and marriage mistakes.


Not only did we have very little tolerance for one another, but our blended family problems added fuel to the fire.  Only God would be able to give our troubled marriage the miracle it really needed.


Sure, we knew the Word of God said that we should be long suffering.  We had absolutely no problem with that scripture.  But in our flesh, we felt that we had suffered long enough! Can you relate to that?


The problem started when we began to realize that we were complete opposites of each other.  Of course we didn’t get this deep revelation until after the wedding dance and honeymoon.  Isn’t that always the case?smileyface1


marriage trouble


But Don’t Opposites Attract?

Yes but they can cause torrential down pours!

You say potato; I say patoto.

You say tomato; I say tamoto.

Who cares? Well, if you’re a potato whose married to a tamoto, you care!  You care every day of your life, because you’re reminded every second of every day–like raindrops falling on your head!

Yes, it’s true that opposites attract, but your differences can cause major problems in marriage if you don’t see them through the eyes of God.


In mathematics a (+) combined with a (-) can equal a positive, but in marriage two opposites combined can equal marriage trouble.  Initially we thought different meant wrong.  If my style of handling things was different from Michael’s way of doing things, then he concluded that my way was wrong.


When Michael had a different idea or opinion than I did, I concluded he was wrong.  We were so immature. Our immaturity and inability to understand each other eventually led us down a dark road of resentment, bitterness, regret, and infidelity.


We literally disagreed about everything, and we contemplated separation and divorce on a regular basis.  We thought for sure that we had made a mistake in getting married–Sound familiar?


The worst part was that we didn’t feel comfortable talking with our pastor and we couldn’t afford traditional marriage counseling.  Back then, we were struggling just to make ends meet.


But then something happened that neither of us will ever forget.




The Rainbow After The Storm

One night during a period of fasting and praying, Michael and I were lying in bed talking about our marriage troubles. Sometime around 3am, the Holy Spirit showed up and showed us the purpose of our differences.


I remember it so clearly because it felt like a light switch had been turned on–illuminating the entire room.  For the first time we were able to clearly see how we complimented each other.  Where I am weak, Michael is strong and vice versa.


I know it sounds corney but it was like seeing a rainbow after a storm.  God showed us the purpose and the beauty in what we thought were character flaws.


Do we still have marriage trouble? No, ours is no longer a troubled marriage.  Do we still make marriage mistakes?  Yes, as long as we live in these fleshly bodies we will always make mistakes.  But God’s grace is sufficient and in our weakness His strength is made perfect. (2Corinthians 12:9)


So, where are we now? We place our trust in God daily and in His vision for our marriage. We no longer see marriage problems; we see opportunities for growth and transformation.


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