Christian Marriage Counseling: Why are You Waiting?


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Why are You Waiting to Get Christian Marriage Counseling?

Unfortunately, where marriage counseling is concerned, the average couple waits approximately seven years before seeking help.

And although we wish we could say that we can’t relate to that, the truth is, we can.  The thought of marriage counseling can be intimidating.  And the idea of sharing intimate details of your life with a complete stranger is frightening.

So rather than get help, many couples continue in their dysfunction until the bottom completely falls out.  Take us for example, our  marriage displayed many warning signs in the early years.

We desperately needed Christian marriage counseling but $75 per session just wasn’t in our budget and talking to our, then, pastor was out of the question.   We had no one else that we could turn to.

So we tried working through our problems on our own.  Can you say? “Big mistake.”  As a result, our marriage got worse instead of better.

Sure, marriage counseling can be costly, and letting down your guard and becoming vulnerable with someone you hardly know can illicit feelings of anxiety.  Trust me, we get it.  But doing nothing should never be an option.



How We Can Help?

We can assist you and your spouse with developing the marriage that God dreamed of.  Our Christian based, alternative counseling program is empathetic, authentic, affordable, and can be completed in the PRIVACY of your home.  It will cause the two of you to grow closer together as well as closer to the Lord.

If you are concerned about our qualifications as your Christian marriage counselors, rest easy.  We are both ordained ministers and have received training such as: listening to couples, assisting in identifying blind spots, providing different perspectives, and giving encouragement.

Because Christian marriage counseling is synonymous with biblical marriage counseling, our program utilizes Scripture and prayer to assist the two of you with gaining insight.  And just like any good counselor, we assign homework to be completed by you and your spouse at the end of each week.

You can also rest in the knowledge that we will not push you or your spouse into anything you are not ready for.  In fact, you are encouraged to complete the program at your own pace.

Just as Christ waits on you, our 21-day counseling program will gently guide the two of you to the place of change and growth.
  From that point, it’ll be up to the two of you to do the necessary work to have a successful marriage.

With your firm commitments to God and to each other, we are confident that our biblical counseling program can help the two of you get your marriage back on track!



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“Thank you for all that you do. Coming upon this site was, in my belief, a true gift from my heavenly Father who sees how I suffer and wants to bring healing, in His way, according to His timing and purpose…I look forward to navigating through this process and am more hopeful now to know I will be where Jesus wants me soon.”


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