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Now You Can Get Affordable Marriage Counseling without Leaving Home




Wanda-photo3Hi, I’m Minister Wanda Collins, creator of and an expert in the area of marriage and family.  If you’ve been putting off seeing a marriage counselor because either you or your spouse is apprehensive about visiting a counselor’s office, allow me to tell you about a new affordable marriage counseling alternative that can be completed in the PRIVACY of your home.

The truth is, traditional marriage counseling can get really expensive, and not everyone is comfortable with the alternative of meeting with their pastor or ministry leader–we weren’t.

Michael and I were on the brink of a complete marriage melt-down with nowhere to turn.  It is only by God’s power and love that we are still married today AND happy!

It wasn’t until we learned how to implement two biblical principals did our marriage and our lives begin to turn around for the better.  What we discovered permanently changed our marriage, and we are confident it will do the same for you.


A Marriage 2 Die For


A Marriage 2 Die For! is not a marriage help book; it’s a twenty-one day affordable marriage counseling program that includes daily assignments, marriage building exercises, his and her journals, and supplemental audios.

If the two of you are willing to commit to the process and stay the course, you will learn how to implement essential principals that will not only change your marriage but your lives.

How can I be so sure? Because God’s Word has the power to supernaturally succeed when everything else fails! And this entire program is 100% Bible-based.

Beloved, if your marriage is in trouble, ignoring the issues will only make it worse.  I can’t promise you a perfect marriage, there’s no such thing.  But I can assure you that just like He did with us, God’s power and love will meet the two of you right where you are, and your marriage will never be the same.


Here’s just a snippet of what the two of you will learn:

  • How modeling Christ in death can bring your marriage back to life.
  • How to satisfy each others’ deepest emotional needs.
  • Why the success of any marriage depends heavily on the husband
  • How your thought life is sabotaging your marriage
  • Affirmation and appreciation
  • Biblical submission and respect
  • Making your wife a priority
  • Becoming your husband’s biggest supporter instead of his biggest critic
  • How to protect each other emotionally
  • The importance of having a vision for your family and how to create one
  • Help understanding why your marriage issues are not entirely your spouse’s fault
  • How to continue loving when you feel like you’ve fallen out of love
  • How to forgive your spouse of any offense–including adultery
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to manage conflicts
  • How to rebuild trust
  • Meaningful ways to create more intimacy
  • Strategies to eliminate faulty thinking and toxic behaviors
  • How to move past your emotions.
  • Why your efforts to change negative behaviors keep failing
  • How to build a marriage that will last a lifetime


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Affordable Marriage Counseling

A Marriage 2 Die For! is straight from the Father’s heart and was literally four years in the making. It will lead the two of you on a personal excavation of your hearts and boldly challenge the way you currently think, feel, and live as a married couple. The experience will be nothing short of life changing.

You can order A Marriage 2 Die For! for a one time payment of only $87. That’s the equivalent of $4.14 a day for twenty-one days.  It’s about the same cost as dinner for two at your favorite restaurant and a movie.

A good friend of ours, who also happens to be a professional counselor, charges $130 for her initial consultation, and then $100 per session thereafter.  She sees her clients a minimum of once a week for a period of three to twelve months.

That would end up costing the two of you anywhere from $1,330 – $4800 when it’s all said and done; so, at the very least,   A Marriage 2 Die For! will save you more than a thousand dollars.






Here’s what the program includes:

  • One 21-day paperback workbook (131 pgs.)
  • His and her paperback journals, which must be used along with the workbook
  • 21 structured assignments included in the workbook; one at the end of each day
  • A Commitment Agreement, which the two of you must sign and fax to me
  • Specialized devotionals with prayers
  • Memory scripture
  • Certificates of completion at the end of each week
  • Eight downloadable Mp3 audios to reinforce workbook teachings
  • The ability to ask workbook related questions to the author at the end of each week AND an opportunity to ask unlimited personal marriage questions for an entire SIX months after your purchase date!!!
  • Value = $250 (not including your free bonuses)



FREE On-Going Support



After the  two of you complete the 21-day program, you will have access to additional marriage building materials that will make your marriage even stronger–at no additional cost.

  • Diminishing Discord Mp3…………………………………….. Value = $6.95
  • Essential Elements of Building a Godly Marriage (Mp3 )…..Value = $7.95
  • Your Children and Your Marriage (Mp3)……………………..Value =  $7.95
  • The Art of Communicating with Your Spouse (Mini eBook)..Value = $9.99
  • If You Only Knew: The Secret to Hot Christian Sex (eBook)..Value = $14.00
  • Rebuilding Trust (Mini eBook)…………………………………Value = $7.99    
  •                                                                      Total = $54.83
  • Life-time access to the above resources and all supplemental resources.






+ FREE Soft Copies


One final thing.  Just in case the two of you want the freedom to be able to read from your electronic devices, I am including the .pdf files of both the workbook and the journals–at no additional cost.

  • AM2DF! 21-Day Biblical Counseling Workbook (.Pdf)
  • AM2DF! His Journal (.Pdf)
  • AM2DF! Her Journal (.Pdf)                      
  • Total Value of Soft Copies = $75


The value of everything that you’re getting is nearly $400.  The reason you’re paying a fraction of that is  because our desire is to be a blessing to you and your marriage. We’ve been where you are, and now we want to help you give the devil a black eye!


Currently Unavailable

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Here’s what you can expect:

After you place your order, your AM2DF! workbook and paperback journals will be shipped to you at the address that you provide.  In the Helpful Tips section of the workbook, you will be provided with the url and password for the AM2DF! Resource page where you will find your supplemental Mp3 audios, bonus materials, and a contact form for communicating with me at the end of each week.


Testimonies and Reviews:

We have been seeing an amazing Christian counselor for the last year, which has helped us tremendously, but the toxic behavior and thinking continued. I am so glad I found you on the internet. This hands on program has done wonders for us in our progression. It’s very helpful to have specific assignments to focus on each day/week. What affected me most was the teaching about toxic thinking and how that can play a big role in your psyche and tear up or undermine your marriage (any relationship)… We plan to review this program for our entire lives as a reminder. 💗🌻 You’ve done a wonderful job making things real :).

Thank you💗 Mrs. Cheri Gould-Snowhite

“A Marriage 2 Die For! (AM2DF!) is a blessing to any married couple seeking to repair or provide maintenance to their marriage in a Godly way. Wanda Collins has masterfully prepared a 21-day program that deals with the hard issues that many marriages face today. Wanda does not “sugar-coat” the truth of why marriages are hurting, but she helps couples dissect the real reasons behind their problems. AM2DF! will take couples on a journey that is sure to bring health and wholeness to their marriages – God’s way.” LaVonne V. Hester-Smith, Ph.D.


About Wanda Collins:

Wanda is the creator of and the co-founder of Nehemiah Family Ministries.  She is a wife, mother, author, speaker, and a compassionate biblical counselor backed by a Master’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in Marriage and Family.  She is also a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel who is passionate about helping Christian couples build healthy marriages by providing them with affordable marriage counseling alternatives.

Her Counseling Approach:

Many marriage counseling programs focus on changing the couple’s behavior; however, this only yields temporary results.  A Marriage 2 Die For! is based on what I call an inside-out approach. The Bible teaches that a man’s heart is what governs his behavior.

For that reason, AM2DF focuses first on making internal adjustments before suggesting behavior modification. This yields the long-lasting, life changing results that every couple is looking for.


Who would benefit from this affordable marriage counseling alternative?

  • Anyone who…is considering separation or divorce
  • Anyone who…is wondering if getting married was a mistake
  • Anyone who…feels as if they’ve fallen out of love
  • Anyone who…is dealing with the aftermath of adultery
  • Anyone who…is unable to function at 100% because of their marriage troubles
  • Anyone who…has been robbed of peace and joy
  • Anyone who…wants their marriage to be better
  • Anyone who…needs an affordable marriage counseling alternative
  • Anyone who…is willing to commit to the process

Who may NOT benefit from this program?

  • Anyone who…is in a sexless marriage (not because of recent events but sex has always been an issue in your relationship)
  • Anyone who…is using drugs
  • Anyone who…has been diagnosed with mental illness
  • Anyone who…has had suicidal thoughts
  • Anyone who…has recently or is currently experiencing physical abuse
  • Anyone who…does not have the time or desire to commit to the entire process




Currently Unavailable

Get $20 OFF! Use Code: SAVE

Refund Policy

Beloved, because these books are printed on demand, they are non-refundable.  But don’t let that frighten you. Fear is not of God. As with anything in your life, seek the Lord and let His Spirit lead you.


Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about  A Marriage 2 Die For!, I am happy to answer any questions you may have prior to purchasing.  It’s important to us that you feel confident about your purchase.  You may contact me at anytime by email or by calling (678) 303-0333.  I’ll get back in touch with you as soon as I can.

Grace and Peace,






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