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Hi There!  We are Michael and Wanda Collins, creators of, and we are delighted that you are visiting our website!  If you’re looking for marriage help books, or other counseling alternatives, you’ve come to the right place.

This page contains a list of marriage products that we know will be a blessing to you and your spouse.  Be assured that a great deal of time and prayer has gone into the development of each one.

If you have a question about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to ask

Remember, good marriages don’t “just” happen. Good marriages are purposely built!



A Marriage 2 Die For!

marriage help books
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Say hello to our smartest choice for your marriage counseling needs. It’s a 21-day biblical counseling program that you and your spouse can complete in the comfort and PRIVACY of your home. Whether you’re unable to afford traditional marriage counseling, or are simply uncomfortable with the idea of speaking to a counselor, this new Bible-based program makes the most sense.

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Before Your Wedding Day: Premarital Counseling

Before Your Wedding Day is an alternative to traditional premarital counseling. Download the eBook today and begin your two week counseling sessions from the comfort of your home. Also a great resource for counselors!

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Marriage Help Books

The Prodigal Spouse: A Guide to Surviving Separation

marriage help books


The Prodigal Spouse. If your spouse walked out on you but you’re still not ready to give up on your marriage, this book is for you. Learn how to stand for your marriage in the midst of what seems to be an impossible situation. Click here for more details 


Fix My Marriage Mp3 Audio Lessons

marriage help books

Whether you are in your car or at the gym, these handy audio downloads will give you the immediate help you need.

With ten topics to choose from, you can mix and match the audios to fit your situation. Each audio will provide you and your spouse with instant advice that will transform your marriage.

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Lessons from a Former Adulteress: Surviving Adultery

Life Lessons from a Former Adulteress is for the spouse who was cheated on. In this eBook, Wanda shares her personal story of adultery and offers godly advice for the hurt spouse deciding whether to leave or stay. Click here for more details


If You Only Knew: The Secret to Hot Christian Sex

how to have better sex

If You Only Knew: The Secret to Hot Christian Sex Written by Wanda Collins, the creator of Christian Marriage Today, this eBook offers practical advice for couples who sometimes find themselves on different pages when it comes to sex. These tips will permanently change sexual intimacy in your marriage. Click here to for more details

Fortify Your Marriage with Prayer CD

Fortify Your Marriage with Prayer CD

marriage help books

Fortify Your Marriage with Prayer is a prayer CD for Christian couples. Prayer is one of our most powerful weapons, yet it is one of the most ignored. Take your prayer life to the next level and see chains broken as you unleash the power of prayer over every area of your marriage. Click here for more details






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