Common Marriage Problems

Got Marriage Problems?

This is a list of the most common marriage problems threatening Christian relationships today. Take a look at the problems listed here to see if you can relate to any of them. To get our advice on how to deal with a particular issue, just click the related link…


Common Marriage Problems

Arguing Too Much
For us, arguing was like clock work. The arguments were different but they occurred every week on almost the same day. Find out why you and your spouse may be arguing so much and how to stop it.

Destroying Trust in Your Marriage

Are you destroying the trust in your relationship?  Here are five “trust destroyers” that every couple should avoid.

How to Survive Adultery                                                                                                                                                 

It may be difficult to get a handle on things right now.  But trust me, you can survive the devastation.

Jealousy in Marriage
1 Corinthians 13:4 tells us, amongst other things, that love is not jealous. Are you secretly jealous of your spouse’s talents and skills? Do you get offended when your spouse receives recognition or an award? How about feeling jealous when your spouse interacts with anyone of the opposite sex? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should read this article.

Learning to Forgive
Are you finding it difficult to forgive? Read this article to learn about the process of forgiving.

Marriage Communication
At one time, it seemed Wanda and I were disagreeing every other day about one thing or another. Then a light came on, or should I say then God stepped in. God showed up on the scene and showed us what we were doing wrong and what needed to change.

Mother in Law Problems
Do you remember the movie Monster-in-Law starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda? It was hilarious. But in reality, mother in law problems are no laughing matter. Sometimes, the hardest thing for a loving parent to do is to let go of their child.  Not surprisingly, this can become a huge burden for a married couple.


Common Marriage Problems (Cont’d)


Money and Marriage Problems
In the past, money was the source of much tension in our marriage. We felt like we were always going around the same mountain over and over again; the mountain of “never having enough.” Was our problem a lack of money or was the problem money management?

Not Equally Yoked
Most of us are aware that the Bible warns us against being unequally yoked with non-believers, but despite the warnings, this has become one of the most common marriage problems in the Christian community. Find out why it is so important to be equally yoked and what we suggest you do if you are currently married to an unbeliever.

Temporary Separation
Are you currently separated or considering separation? This article will give you the godly advice and guidance that you need.

Unreasonable Expectations
All of us have expectations of marriage and our spouses, but over time they can cause major turbulence in our relationships. Learn where these expectations come from and why you must rid yourself of them.




End of Common Marriage Problems

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