Is Pre Marriage Counseling a Waste of Time?


Our Pre marriage Counseling Experience

Christian pre marriage counseling is the best thing you can do to prepare for marriage. But if you get the wrong counselor, it could be a waste of time.

In all honesty, it was for us. Our counseling sessions were not thorough.

Although we met with a minister on two separate occasions, the discussions were superficial at best. Boy, do we wish we could go back and change that!

Even if those two sessions focused only on the challenges that blended families face, that alone would have saved us years of frustration.

But in our counselor’s opinion, we seemed equipped for the journey ahead; so much so, that he waived the four remaining sessions he normally required. Can you say, Big mistake!? We were not prepared and boy did we pay for it.

Christian pre marriage counseling should take more than two sessions because, ideally, it should cover a variety of topics in GREAT detail. Naturally, it should help you understand God’s plan for marriage but it should also make you question why you want to get married in the first place.

To go one step further, a good counselor will challenge you to look within yourself and ask questions about your past, present, and future that perhaps you had never considered.

pre marriage counseling

We were not properly prepared for marriage but you can be. Consider Before Your Wedding Day, a two week premarital counseling alternative written by Wanda Collins.

There’s no need to visit a counselor’s office or wait for your book to arrive in the mail. Download this program instantly and begin your eSessions today!

You’ll receive all of the Godly tools needed to build a successful marriage. Plus it will challenge the two of you with questions and assignments at the end of each day.

96 pages of premarital coaching!
Take a look at what each day covers:

  • Day 1: What is Love?
  • Day 2: What is Marriage?
  • Day 3: Why Marriages Fail
  • Day 4: The Role of the Husband
  • Day 5: The Role of the Wife
  • Day 6: The Role of Christ
  • Day 7: What Your Wife Needs
  • Day 8: What Your Husband Needs
  • Day 9: Embracing Your Differences
  • Day 10: Dealing with In-Laws
  • Day 11: Managing Your Finances
  • Day 12: Advice for Blended Families
  • Day 13: Sex and Marriage
  • Day 14: Communication in Marriage
  • Three Special Bonuses Inside! Hint: Two of the bonuses will help you during your wedding ceremony and one will help you afterwards .

Is pre marriage counseling really necessary? Yes, it absolutely is. Don’t spend all of your time planning your wedding DAY but ignore the one thing that could affect the rest of your LIFE.

pre marriage counseling“Before Your Wedding Day” eCourse


for just $19


“Wisdom is the principle thing…And in all your getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7




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