Godly Separation Advice for Christians

“For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37



Godly Separation Advice for Christians

The Spirit filled separation advice you need for building a bridge to marital reconciliation with your spouse.

Hi, Mike and Wanda here. If you are separated from your spouse, it’s not by chance that you found this page. God wants to restore your marriage.

Despite what anyone may tell you, your situation is not hopeless. Nothing is hopeless with God!

What you need is Godly counsel and someone to walk with you. Well, here it is.

It’s a Biblically sound, step-by-step survival kit that walks you through the process of being separated to being reconciled with the one you love.


~ A Professional Counselor’s Perspective ~


If you are currently separated and feel the urge to “do something” to win back your spouse, The Prodigal Spouse will keep you occupied in helpful, healthy ways.

The authors place you on the path to reconciliation by providing Godly principles on proliferated road signs.  The Prodigal Spouse is an easy, quick yet life changing read.

As a professional counselor, I HIGHLY recommend this book as a guide to surviving separation. Not only for couples in distress but also for counselors and ministry leaders.

Read it for yourself or give it to a friend.

Tina Taylor, MA, M.Div, LAPC

It’s the godly separation advice you need


~ Our Pastor’s Perspective ~


In The Prodigal Spouse, Michael and Wanda Collins have developed and expounded on eight principles that will help any estranged couple to realize that what has been broken can be fixed, and what has been severed can be restored.

Their conversational approach will make you feel as though you have spent time in the office of a concerned marriage counselor, and their appropriate use of God’s Word will be the strength and encouragement needed to make wise choices as you move toward reconciliation with God and with each other.

D’Ann V. Johnson, D. Min.
Vice President, Strength for Living Ministries Int’l
Executive Pastor, New Covenant Christian Ministries, Inc.


Why did we create this Separation Advice Kit?


Over the years we have received numerous letters from Christian husbands saying, “My wife left me.” And
Christian wives exclaiming, “My husband left me.”

Instead of things getting better, we’ve noticed this trend getting worse.


The spirit of division is running rampant in Christian marriages.
What’s the problem? Couples are simply not equipped to fight the battle.


Although the Bible tells us that Satan is a defeated foe,
it seems Satan has been given a free pass to run a muck in our lives.


Well, it’s time you put the devil in his place and began fighting for your marriage!
You see, we believe your marriage can be restored by merely following a few principles.
Your God is much BIGGER than your situation. Do you believe it? Well, it’s true.


We’ve seen separated couples reconcile. We’ve even seen couples reunite after divorcing.
Yes, we know God is AWESOME! But this is not about us, it’s about you.


Are you courageous enough to believe God can bring your spouse back home? If you are, then allow us to offer you a little Godly wisdom.



What’s Inside This Kit:



A Powerful eBook:

    • 70 pages of Godly Separation Advice-

This book is Biblically based, not a secular gimmick. If you’re looking for empty tips and magic tricks, it’s not here.

This book is equivalent to getting one-on-one advice from a Christian counselor. Every bit of counsel is scripturally based.


  • Printable Memory Cards-

In the back of the book you will find printable memory cards containing many of the scriptures and principles discussed within each chapter. Be inspired and encouraged daily by posting them around your home.


  • Prayers and Affirmations-

Powerful prayers and affirmations written specifically for your situation that will increase your faith and restore your peace.


  • Sections for Journaling and Note Taking-

Journaling aids in the healing process and assists in relieving stress. Therefore, special sections in your book have been designated specifically for journaling as well as note taking.


  • Illustrations and Charts-

During the writing of this book, the Holy Spirit illuminated the husband’s role in a unique way.
Not only do the authors explain it to you, they show you the actual illustrations God showed them. This alone is a major eye opener.


What You Will Learn:

  • 8 Essential Principles for Surviving Separation-

These principles will not provide you with separation advice, they’ll help you throughout your entire life.


  • The Biggest Mistake Couples Make After Separating-

Discover the fatal mistake many couples make after separating that almost always leads to divorce.


  • Stop Your Spouse from Running Further Away-

Limit the distance between the two of you and stop your spouse from running further away.


  • Discover and Perfect Your Most Effective Weapon-

Uncover the most valuable weapon you already have in your possession but may not be using properly.


  • Separation Advice on How to Handle Your Children’s Needs-

Get immediate advice that will help your children manage their emotions and better cope during this difficult time.


  • How to Maintain Your Peace of Mind-

Stop the emotional roller coaster by doing this one simple thing. It’s like putting a protective barrier around your spirit.



~ A Divorcee’s Perspective ~


The Prodigal Spouse is an anchor for every soul that has been wounded by marital separation. I would have greatly benefited from such a spiritual guide during my time of separation from my husband.

There weren’t enough friends, family members, or counselors to steady my heart as I was emotionally tossed about. While I had many ears to listen, at the end of the day, I needed a concrete plan for physical, spiritual, and emotional survival. This book provides such a plan and would have been such a blessing for me.

I honestly could feel the anointing of God as I read each page. I regret that I did not have such a tool back then, but I highly recommend it to any person who needs separation advice, is in the midst of marital separation, or even beyond.

Melanie Harris


What Else is Inside?
Special Gifts:

  • Gift #1

 LifeTime Access to our Member’s Resource Center

The Prodigal Spouse Resource Center is a password protected section of our website. It’s full of additional tools to help you on your journey to reconciliation. For your enrichment, new resources will be added periodically.

  • Gift #2

The Prodigal Spouse in Mp3 Format

Burn it to a cd or download it to your ipod. Now you have a choice between reading or listening. You get the best of both worlds absolutely free.

  • Gifts #3

Three Additional Audio Supplements in Mp3 Format

– How Long Should I Wait for My Spouse?

– Why are My Prayers Not Being Answered?

– Overcoming My Fears

  • Gift #4

3 E-mail Consultations

Have a question about something you read in the book? or maybe a question about something your spouse said or did. No worries — You will have direct access to Mike and Wanda. Ask your questions day or night.


  • Gift #5

Sex and Separation Advice

Is it okay for couples to be sexually intimate with each other while separated, or is it harmful? For your convenience, this question is answered in a bonus section located in the back of your book.


  • Gift #6

The Prodigal Weekly

A Free 3 month subscription to The Prodigal Weekly Encourager. You’ll receive weekly encouragement and inspiration inside your inbox every single week for the next 3 months!


  • Gift #7

Exclusive Member’s Coupon

How would you like to own The Prodigal Spouse in paperback? Now you have the option! Receive an exclusive member’s coupon to purchase The Prodigal Spouse in paperback for 30% off the listed price whenever you choose to purchase. No rush…your coupon never expires!



Separation Advice
in a Powerful Christian eKit:
Steps to Marriage Reconciliation $150
for just… $59


This survival kit is packed with powerful Biblical counsel, solid psychological principles, and practical wisdom from years of experience.

You can download “The Prodigal Spouse eKit” for only $59you will not receive so much value for so little anywhere else!

The truth is, you would pay a counselor up to $150 for just one consultation.

That’s more than three times the cost of this entire biblical program, not to mention all the other free tools we’re giving you.

We believe these tools will encourage you, inspire you, transform you, stretch your faith, and prayerfully give you your ultimate desire — marriage reconciliation.


“It’s so much more than just an eBook. It’s a complete spiritual survival system.”

W. Collins


Buy Now!

 “The Prodigal Spouse” Downloadable eKit (PDF File) – $150



Total Package Value = Priceless

Currently Unavailable


Immediately after your purchase, you can download your eBook and get the separation advice you need. You can immediately begin your journey to transformation and marriage reconciliation.

Remember, you are also getting 7 Free gifts:

  • LifeTime access to our Member’s Resource Center
  • The Prodigal Spouse in Mp3 format
  • 3 additional audio teaching supplements. Plus full access to any future audio updates.
  • 3 email consultations with Mike and Wanda.
  • Sex and Separation- a special BONUS section in the back of your eBook.
  • A Free 3 month subscription to The Prodigal Weekly Encourager.
  • 30% off coupon for paperback copy.
  • Yes, the value of everything you are getting is substantially greater than the price. It’s a steal of a deal no matter how you slice it.

After you make your purchase, you will receive your eBook along with instructions for receiving your password for the Member’s Resource Center, where all of your gifts and bonus resources are located.

The eBook is in the Adobe PDF file format. If your computer doesn’t have the Adobe Reader
software, you can easily install it for free.


The eBook comes with a Money Back Guarantee:


If you are not completely satisfied with our separation advice as well as the peace, strength, and guidance you receive from The Prodigal Spouse eBook, just email us within 14 days, prior to accessing your free gifts- and we’ll issue you a 100% refund immediately.


Okay Mike and Wanda, I’m ready to fight for my marriage!

Show me how to get my spouse back.

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Purchase The Prodigal Spouse eBook for just $39 and receive the following free gifts:


  • The Prodigal Spouse in Mp3 format
  • Sex and Separation– a special BONUS section in the back of your eBook.
  • A Free 3 month subscription to The Prodigal Weekly Encourager.


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Purchase The Prodigal Spouse in paperback for $21 (No free gifts)
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 Your purchase is 100% safe and secure – and 100% risk-free.





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“Since they are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, for God has joined them together.” Matthew 19:6


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