Christian Sex and Marriage


Sex and Marriage According to the Will of God

christian sex

Okay, we’re going to answer all of your sex and marriage questions about oral sex, anal sex, threesomes, and a few others.

But first we feel compelled to give a word of caution to our brothers and sisters who have been searching the internet for information about marriage and sex.

As we began researching the topic of Christian sex and marriage, we were appalled at the amount of misinformation that saturated the internet.

We found sites that condoned threesomes in Christian marriage, and anal sex for single Christians. My friend, these are clearly acts of adultery and fornication.

Our advice is to test all information you find by comparing it to the word of God. If it does not agree with God’s word, then do not receive it as the truth!

We are going to tell you what the Bible says about sex and present it to you in a tasteful manner.

We believe the information we have chosen will allow you to experience sex in a way that honors yourself, your spouse, and God.


Remember, sex in Christian marriage is not for your enjoyment alone, it’s suppose to be enjoyable for both you and your spouse. And like everything else in your life, it should never dishonor God.


So, if you or your spouse feels dirty, disrespected, or degraded after sex then something is drastically wrong in your bedroom.


Does that mean you can only have sex missionary style, while wearing a priestly robe, and holding onto your Bible? I hope not, because if that’s the case, I think we’re all in deep trouble .
Ready to get started? Then let’s begin…


We recommend clicking the “Start Here” button because it will navigate you through each lesson in an order that makes learning easier. However, you are welcome to choose your topics randomly from the list below.



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Ladies, here’s a way to increase your sex drive safely, naturally, and quickly.

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Every couple experiences sexual problems at some point. Learn how to avoid falling into a permanent “rut”.

The Biggest Christian Marriage Sex Problem

What’s the most common complaint amongst Christian couples concerning sex?

Undefiled Christian Marriage Bed

Does that mean anything is permissible between a husband and wife?

Get Christian Sex Advice

On this page you’ll find sex questions submitted by other visitors along with our answers.

The Sex After Marriage Rut

Why do the sex lives of so many couples go south after marriage? Here are a few reasons and solutions to this common problem.

Anal Sex and the Bible

Wrong for same sex relationships but what the does the Bible say about anal sex for husbands and wives?

Sex Myths

One of the first things you must do in order to transform sex and marriage is to get rid of all the myths you’ve held on to over the years.

What’s Permissible in the Christian Bedroom?

Are you confused about what’s permissible in your bedroom and what is not? Here is a straight forward list of all the sexual acts prohibited in the Bible.

Is Oral Sex a Sin?

Well the verdict is in on this age old question, and the answer may surprise you.

Sex Before Marriage

Everybody ‘s doing it, right? Well, it seems that way. Sex before marriage has become the accepted norm. But what does the Bible say about this?

Sexual Infidelity

Why is it so damaging? And does it mean the end of your marriage?

Take the Christian Marriage Sex Test!

Find out just how healthy your sex life really is.

End Sex and Marriage


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