The Heart of Your Marital Issues

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The Heart of Your Marital Issues

Wondering why your spouse did what they did knowing it would hurt you? We believe the root cause of most marital issues is a heart issue.  Whether it’s adultery, lying, abuse, or constantly criticizing your spouse, most marital issues can be traced to an issue with the person’s heart.

So for the next few weeks we’re going to talk extensively about the heart.  Our goal is to impart a Biblical understanding of the heart and how important it is to the future of your marriage.

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you’re likely seeing heart-shaped items everywhere you look.  Society uses the heart symbol to represent passionate love.  A broken heart represents love lost, while a heart with an arrow piercing through it represents Cupid’s arrow and love found or a wounded heart.


Unwrapping the true meaning of the heart and the life-or-death impact it can have on your marriage will require you to move beyond the superficial, metaphoric images that our society created long ago and dig deeper into the heart of God.


Digging Deeper…

In the Bible, the word heart and the word soul are often interchangeable.  They each consist of a persons mind, will, understanding, and emotions.  All of these elements govern your decision making. 


In other words, every decision that you’ve ever made has been the result of something you either thought, desired, understood, or felt.  Make sense? Let’s take it a step further.


When you or your spouse makes a decision to be unfaithful, lie, criticize, etc., it is because of toxic thinking, ungodly desires, a lack of understanding (often spiritual), or displaced emotions.  Those are all heart issues.


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The more heart issues a person has, the more marital issues they’re going to have.  Now do you see the significant role your heart plays in determining the success or failure of your marriage?  Create in us clean hearts oh God!


For that reason, Proverbs 4:23 instructs us to guard our hearts above everything else!  That means guarding our hearts must become our number one priorities.  When something is guarded it is watched over and protected from outward threats.


There are a plethora of threats in the world, both in and outside of your home, all competing for an opportunity to entice you and influence your choices.  If you don’t guard your heart, you will eventually be dragged far away from the heart of God and found doing and saying things that dishonor Him and put the future of your marriage at risk.


There’s no need to continue asking yourself why your spouse made that choice or even why you made a certain decision, it all goes back to the heart.  If you want to transform your marriage, it starts with a heart examination.  Begin by asking yourself? “What’s in my heart?”  Then, give your heart over to the Master surgeon!


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