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Our Marriage Podcast




Welcome to the Homepage for our marriage podcast.   We call it, The Marriage Platform.  It’s a place where Christian marriages are transformed by truth and transparency.


Episodes are a combination of transparent interviews from couples whose marriages have survived hardship as well as a mix of marriage classes taught by Michael & Wanda and other special guests.


Grab a cup of coffee or tea.  Then, sit back and prepare to be inspired and encouraged.



EPISODE 09:  How Michael and Wanda Met  Even if you’ve already read the written version of how they met on our website, listening to their miraculous story will inspire you and encourage you to wait on God no matter what it is you’re waiting for.

EPISODE 08: In Sickness and Health This is part two of of our series called Marriage Prayer Miracles.  In this episode, a couple out of Conyers, Georgia shares how God performed a miracle for them when one of them was at death’s door.

EPISODE 07: The Doctor Said They Couldn’t Have ChildrenThis is part one of our series Marriage Prayer Miracles.  In this episode, a couple share their testimony of how God stepped in after doctors said they had a zero chance of having children.

EPISODE 06: How to Pray for Your Husband We continue our discussion on prayer with a lesson for the wives taught by Joy Tarver from Atlanta, Georgia.  In this episode, Joy shares a practical lesson and gives us clear instructions on how to effectively pray for our husbands.

EPISODES 05 and 04: Husbands Praying With Their Wives (Part 1 & Part 2)  Special guest Mike Guindon from Idaho, shares his heart regarding husbands praying with, for, and over their wives.  He openly shares his own story and lovingly guides other husbands on how they too can practice this in their own marriages.

EPISODE 03: My Husband’s Mistress is Pregnant Again! (Part 2) This is the conclusion of LePaul and Maria’s incredible marriage testimony.  If you were blessed by part one of their story, you won’t want to miss this unexpected ending.

EPISODE 02: My Husband’s Mistress is Pregnant (Part 1). Special guests LePaul and Maria Manson from Atlanta, Georgia, sit down with us to share a story of infidelity and betrayal that led to an unexpected pregnancy and a surprising directive from God.

EPISODE 01: From Divorce to Reconciliation Special guests Ben and Cynthia Kennedy from Destin, Florida, share their story of how an addiction to pornography and repeated adultery led them to divorce but a miracle from God brought them back together.


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