Marriage Troubles Assessment Tool

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Having Marriage Troubles?

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Dear Friend,

First let me assure you that every couple experiences marriage problems; it’s normal. The question is, when does normal turn into abnormal? And how do you know when it’s time to get help?

Because each relationship is different, those questions aren’t always easy to answer. For that reason, I created a tool that I hope will be useful in providing you with those answers. It’s called the Marriage Troubles Assessment Tool (MTAT).

Feel free to use the MTAT to find out where your marriage stands. Once you identify where the problems are, then you can determine what if anything needs to be done.

Oh and one more thing. The MTAT was not created in a science lab, so it’s not perfect; however, coupled with your discernment, it is a great guide.

Grace and Peace,




Please read the instructions before you take the assessment 🙂


Here’s How it Works:

Step #1 Each answer has been assigned a point value ranging from 1-3; you must answer all questions.

Step #2 Before clicking submit, review your answers and add up your points.

Step #3 Once you have your total, click submit and you will be redirected to the page with the answer key. Compare your total to the answer key on the next page.


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Marriage Trouble Assessment

Answer all questions.
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*Remember to add up your points prior to clicking submit.


End of Marriage Troubles Assessment

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