Falling Out Of Love? Real Love Never Dies

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Real Love Never Dies


Before getting married, we all dreamed of finding real love.  But what happens when that love starts to fade?


In other words, what do you do when you feel as if you’re falling out of love? When the warm and fuzzies you once had for your spouse turn cold and prickly?


When Michael and I stood at the altar and said our wedding vows, it was one of THE happiest days of my life!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the gloss wore off and I was asking myself, “What in the world have I done?!”


It’s amazing how in just a matter of months I went from being head over heals for my husband to feeling as if I’d made the worst mistake of my life.


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But frequent arguments, disrespect, betrayal, and unresolved conflict can do that.  They’re like low-hanging clouds looming over your relationship; they prevent you from seeing things clearly.  That’s exactly where I was.


I was disappointed, disheartened, discouraged, AND regretful!  But unbelievably I didn’t want a divorce. I was determined not to be a two-time divorcee, so I made the decision to press pass my negative emotions, die to myself, and focus on correcting my own faults.


If you’re willing to move beyond your negative feelings, die to yourself, and work on your own issues, then your marriage has a great chance of surviving too. Regardless of what you’re feeling at this moment, real Love can still prevail!


Real love is not controlled by your feelings.  In fact, it’s the other way around–Your feelings should be controlled by your Love.  Love is a daily decision to continue giving of yourself and forgiving regardless of how you feel.


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In your own strength you can’t do this, but with God’s help you can.


Remember when Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemene the night that He was betrayed? He prayed and asked the Father to let this cup pass from Him.  Understandably, He wasn’t feeling good about the suffering that He was about to endure.


But Jesus didn’t allow His feelings to guide His choices and neither should you.  He made a decision to die to His feelings and go to the cross anyway.  His prayer ended like this, “Nevertheless, not my will but your will be done.”  That’s real Love!


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Just like Jesus pushed passed His feelings for the sake of His bride, and I pushed passed mine for the sake of my marriage, you’ll have to do the same if you want your marriage to move beyond where it is right now.


Your feeling that love has died or that you’ve fallen out of love is just that–a feeling.  Decide today to take control of your feelings and choose Real Love–God’s Love.  Let His Love guide you.







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