Will a Trial Separation Help?

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Trial Separation – Marriage Separation Advice


trial separation


“Can a man scoop fire into his lap and not be burned?” Proverbs 6:27


A trial separation is suppose to be a temporary cooling off period for couples who need time to repair their marriages. But this kind of division can do more harm than good.

Besides the fact that separation is not pleasing to God (see Matthew 19:6), there are several hidden dangers that can back fire on couples who choose this option.


Trial Separation: #1 You Risk Adultery

One of the ways Satan causes further destruction when a couple separates is by tempting one or both of them to have an affair.
trial separation

Like any predator, Satan is seeking to devour you when you are at your weakest point.

What better opportunity could there be than a time when the two of you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually divided?

Just for a minute, look at it from Satan’s point of view. When you’re separated, you and your spouse are not having sexual relations—

You’re both hurting, angry and lonely. The conditions couldn’t be anymore perfect.

Perhaps you’re thinking something like that could never happen to you. But don’t be naive. The truth is, it happens all the time.

Furthermore, in cases where infidelity was responsible for the initial separation, the risk factor is even higher.


#2 It Enhances the Desire for Single Life

trial separation

Sadly, when a couple separates, they usually do very little to resolve their marriage problems.

In other words, out of site out of mind. Their time apart merely becomes a mental break from the daily arguments and stress.

Soon, the single lifestyle taste better and better with each passing day.

In fact, some couples get so comfortable with the arrangement that they become complacent about reconciling with their spouses.

Often times, the separation will drag out for months until it ends in divorce.


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#3 One Separation Usually Leads to Another…

marriage separation

There’s only one thing that can happen when couples fail to deal with their marriage problems during the separation period…

That’s right, they end up struggling with the same problems when they finally do come back together.

However, the difference now is the fact that they’ve braved a trial separation once before.

Believe it or not, once you’ve endured one separation, it’s easier for you to resort to separation again.

Sadly, you find yourself in a separation cycle. Separating over and over again due to the same unresolved issues. It becomes a never ending cycle of pain and dysfunction.

Is separation ever okay for Christian couples? Yes, but only under extreme circumstances.




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